Because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus and restrictions from Harris County to help prevent the spread of the virus, we are unable to host the annual Easter Egg Hunt in the park.  However, we did order pre-filled Easter Eggs for the event, and rather than let them go to waste we have a small groups of volunteers that will distribute the eggs to families that request them. 

In order to facilitate all the requests we need to follow a few safety rules.

1. Open to Riata Ranch Residents only, we will not make deliveries outside of the neighborhood. We will need your address and which Section you live in. (Click HERE for Section Map)

2. Each home will be able request 1 dozen eggs per child. Eggs are either filled with candy or stickers.

3. You will have the option to request deliveries on the following dates: Sunday 4/5, Sat 4/11 and Sun 4/12

4. The “Easter Bunnies” will “deliver” the eggs by spreading them out on your front lawn before noon on the delivery day that you select. We will ensure they wear gloves, the eggs are sealed in bags in boxes that were shipped and delivered prior to 3/1.

5. Limited supply, first-come first-serve. Last day to register is Friday April 3rd at 10pm.